Advocacy Skills Building









In spite of India being an emerging economy, the state of health and development for India’s most vulnerable requires sustained advocacy for mobilising governmental policies and programmes to bridge gaps to realise ‘a just society living with health and development’.


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Leadership Advocacy and Management for Positive Living (LAMP)
In participation with Constella Futures Group and KNP+, INSA-India selected and trained participants living with HIV (PLHIV) from 11 district networks in Karnataka to lead advocacy initiatives in their districts. Post-training follow-up services to each participant helped build networking and team building skills for grounding their advocacy thrusts. This 3-day programme uses Constella Futures Group’s Expanded Advocacy Programme (EAP) curriculum.

Specialised Training on Advocacy and other Resources (STAR)
The 4-week residential programme for PLHIV specially selected by a core team of NGOs, KNP+ and KSAPS has resulted in 26 key initiatives for building local advocacy. The participants organise training of trainers programmes for their groups, restore their dignity through addressing self-stigma and help network members access entitlements like ration cards, kathas (title deeds), as well as the environment to live with dignity positively. The four-week curriculum was custom designed by INSA-India with the networks and Constella Futures Group.

Swabhimaan, which means ‘self-esteem’, addresses the core issue of self-stigma and discrimination challenges through structured advocacy programmes. It promotes PLHIV to gain confidence in addressing community health and development issues and actively achieve the MDGs in their networks. It synthesized learnings from the previous two programmes and tailored the curriculum to best meet the needs of participants living with HIV infection. The 2-week highly subsidised residential programme backed by follow-up visits is offered in English/Telugu/Kannada/Tamil/Hindi.

Collaboration with state level Positive Networks and the Indian Network of Positive People (INP+) create an environment where trained participants are now a core group that innovates plans to lead, train and advocate on their own for a life of dignity.