Child at Risk

Child at Risk (CAR) and youth empowerment programmes







INSA-India’s programmes for children and youth are designed to nurture their comprehensive development and help them become confident and empowered adults. As a result the long term community health, development and HIV mainstreaming programmes also include child survival, development and rights programmes.

INSA-India is one of the first organisations in India to begin HIV prevention education in schools, colleges and for rural youth, reaching out to geographically marginalised communities.

Presently, INSA-India is piloting a child protection programme through engineering community protection committees, children’s parliaments and locale specific activities that highlight ‘Every Child-Our Child’ for developing their child protection programmes.



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Twenty child care sites in Bangalore and 15 across India are chosen for a unique pilot programme for strengthening child protection titled “Approaches for Boosting Child Development and Empowerment’ (ABCDE). As a result of capacity building and government-corporate-community convergence programmes, 170 children’s parliaments, child protection committees and child resource centres will be active paving the way for over 2000 organisations to sign on to ensure that the ‘best interest of the child’ principle will be audited before they undertake any project or programme.

Why is it not possible for us in India today to follow the ‘Every child - Our child’ philosophy that our forefathers taught us? ICCO-KiA supports the capacity building and convergence building programmes for children’s parliaments and child protection committees. Sponsorships are welcome for supporting the Child Resource Centres.

A programme created in collaboration with MYRADA, Centers for Disease Control and Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TNSACS), Celebrating Life trains college level young people in crucial issues like managing their young life, basics of HIV, gender and sexuality, reproductive rights, life skills and addressing HIV-related stigma through Red Ribbon Clubs.

The programme results in participating youth making 10 Commitments to Celebrate Life. The 3-day Youth Leadership workshops for Red Ribbon Clubs use this curriculum. INSA-India also trains organisations and youth leaders to use the Celebrating Life process.

This comprehensive child and adolescent development programme designed for high school students nurtures holistic development, interpersonal relationships, life skills, child rights, gender roles, decision taking, boundaries, etc. which enables them to enjoy their adolescence healthily.

Now in its fourth year, the programme covers ten high schools in north Bangalore, with active participation of principals, teachers and children. At middle school levels prevention of child sexual abuse is part of the skills building and advocacy programmes with partnership of children, teachers and caregivers.

Life Skills approved by WHO for promoting a safe, healthy and enjoyable life were adapted using a youth friendly methodology for World Vision India’s adolescents at risk or living with HIV. Now in its 4th year, the programme partnership includes training the trainers to lead the Life Skills Training for Transformation programme in different Area Development Projects. INSA-India directly facilitates the programme for youth of community colleges in Bangalore and on request other parts of India.

INSA-India offers personal counselling by specially trained and experienced child counsellors in six schools in Bangalore on a weekly basis.

All child care programmes are linked to the Child HelpLine 1098, and resources at local levels of CWC, JJB and homes. Strengthened referrals and linkages with other child counselling and education centres help more children in need of counselling.



Advocacy for strengthening legal and support systems for child protection and survival is a dire need. INSA-India is part of Asha Forum-Bangalore, an associate of the international VIVA Network to address the challenges of child abuse and child sexual exploitation.

INSA-India runs in collaboration with ASHA Forum to facilitate a Children Are Protected (CAP) programme to strengthen the response of Christian organisations and institutions to address Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and trafficking. It includes training programmes for caregivers, pastors and teachers for sensitising, enabling, empowering and counselling for children in schools and child care institutions.


INSA-India has a unique programme to train and nurture care givers, teachers and religious leaders as Friendly Advisors. Since INSA-India cannot be everywhere, these Advisors bridge the gap between the adults and young people through dialoguing comfortably on sexuality, rights and protection.


INSA-India in turn supports them with updated information, training materials, networking through workshops held regularly. This includes a 3-day skills building workshop which is a popular programme for school teachers, pastors and other child caregivers. Training modules are available on these programmes.