Community based HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support

Since 1990, INSA-India has facilitated NGOs, schools, colleges and faith-based groups to start developing HIV-related prevention, care and support programmes including workplace policies.


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Sustainable Health and HIV Initiatives through Networking and Empowerment (SHINE)


SHINE trains the trainers to initiate HIV mainstreaming process in the existing community health and development programmes in their workplace. Introduced in 2007, it attracts NGO and GO participants from all over India. The 4-week residential programme offered in English and Hindi is supported by follow-up visits to every participant and their organisations for deeper impact at the community level.

Sustainable Transformation through Advocacy, Networking and Dialogue (STAND)


The regionally named Sanchaya project, short-listed by the World Bank and supported by NACO-UNDP highlights inclusive convergence and sustained dialogue for stigma and discrimination reduction, cutting through all sectors. The programme trains highly motivated PLHIV and others to become Friendly Advisors who can then empower youth, persuade religious leaders and community leaders to delink sex-sin-HIV . Sanchaya strengthens the hands of religious leaders, NGOs and DAPCUs to lead stigma and discrimination advocacy through youth leaders and faith-based groups, thereby positively impacting the wider community.

STOP AIDS NOW! South India Project (SAN!SIP)


INSA-India is the lead organisation for SAN!SIP, a pilot project on mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in the NGO workplaces in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The project plans, implements and manages workplace programmes in partnership with 50 NGOs and Positive Networks.

Sustainable Internal Mainstreaming Programmes in Local Entities (SIMPLE)


Engaging the NGOs in mainstreaming HIV and AIDS has a huge positive impact on their organisational capacity to manage HIV in their own workplace. SIMPLE, which is the scale-up of the SAN!SIP pilot project works towards creating a critical mass of 35 capacity building organisations to manage HIV and AIDS in the workplace in states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, New Delhi and Karnataka thus reaching out to roughly 700 of their own partners. SIMPLE answers the needs of INSA-India’s project partners and builds itself into a knowledge sharing hub at the regional level. As the lead organization for India, INSA-India partners with 12 countries with a similar programme headed by Oxfam-Novib in The Netherlands.

Technical Assistance for Policy Services (TAPS)


A direct outcome of SAN!SIP pilot project was the initiation of TAPS. It facilitates NGOs working in various developmental sectors and targeted interventions to address HIV vulnerability and reduce stigma internally and externally. SAN!SIP shortlisted seven of the existing partners as TAPS after a detailed process. TAPS organisations did a Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) baseline of their own partner organisations to understand the ground reality and better target the capacity building programmes in each of organisation. By June 2011, over 210 organisations will have pledged to develop workplace commitments to reduce their vulnerability to HIV, promote gender equity and mainstream HIV in their organisations, as a result of the TAPS programme