Meet INSA-India

Welcome to the fascinating world of INSA-India.

It is a wide and many layered community of programmes, projects, partner organisations, participants and shared achievements at community level that spans the whole country and beyond.

INSA-India’s achievements go beyond numbers. It is a living story of connecting with and inspiring people who are eagerly looking for help and know exactly what they can do with it. It is about triggering self-reliance which people can then take to the next level on their own. The ripple effect of its work reaches out to so many people that even INSA-India cannot measure it. Such is the power of motivated and dedicated professional work.

A secular organisation funded by reputed international donors as well as its own programmes, INSA-India offers its services in 4/5 regional languages to make the maximum impact on its participants, their organisations and their communities.

With almost three decades of experience, INSA-India now has the confidence and skills to reach the unreached, empower the powerless and train the trainers in multiple areas of social disadvantage.

If any of INSA-India’s programmes, projects, database, networks, resources and experience can further your vision or plans, help you to improve your existing programmes, or start new ones in your area, contact us today.

We can help you to create customised programmes suitable for your special requirements, location and budget. We can also join hands with you and build a synergy of mutually beneficial collaborations.

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