Key Donars




  • The Ford Foundation Endowment Grant helps sustain INSA-India's Sexuality Rights and Youth Empowerment program.
  • The Charities Aid Foundation and Microsoft Inc GAYE Program funds are used to strengthen the child parliament program for child protection.
  • USAID lead KHPT reimburses our work to the Orphan and Vulnerable Children's SPECIAL project for children living and affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • UNFPA's support to SJRI reimburses our work to the Adolescent Education Program Plus project for developing the Modules , training Master Trainers and mentoring their training nodal teachers in 75 Navodaya schools of South India.
  • Individual donors who have seen our work and continue to support us.
  • The Action Plus coalition that supports our gender equality work.
  • Partners like NCCI, CSI, Prayas, and others who are linked such that we can scale up programs across the country at any given time.


Partnerships and donors from 2010


  • ICCO Cooperation, The Netherlands:;
  • Ford Foundation :
  • Stop AIDS Now! :
  • National AIDS Control Organization:
  • VIVA Network:
  • Oxfam Novib:
  • Action Plus:
  • Charities Aid Foundation