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As the lead organization, supported by Stop AIDS Now! And OXFAM NOVIB, INSA-India facilitates, researches, builds forum and advocates for HIV, gender equity and rights mainstreaming in the civil society organizations’ workplaces.

INSA-India helped to plan, implement and manage workplace programs in NGOs, CBOs, sexual minority organizations and Positive Networks in India. We networked with 9 other countries to implement the similar program lead by Oxfam Novib.

In addition, INSA-India promotes the creation and strengthening of inclusive workplaces through development and implementation of workplace policies related to HIV gender and child protection. To date over 250 organizations’ have developed and implemented workplace policies related to HIV, gender and child protection through facilitation from INSA-India.

As the lead organization, supported by ICCO Cooperation, INSA-India trains, offers follow up services to incubate an innovative project in their locality and then build program development for NGOs and NGOs in community health for achieving MDGs 1-6, abuse prevention and development, community partnership promotion, link networking and resource mobilization, building leadership, project planning and implementation.

shine1As the lead organization, supported by ICCO Cooperation, INSA-India trains the trainers in NGO or GOs to initiate and strengthen HIV mainstreaming process in the existing community health development programs in their communities and workplace. Follow up services built into the program for settling starting challenges and building sustainability in scale up phase.




INSA-India developed the Curricula and Modules for this program in partnership with TNSACS, CDC and Myrada under a PEPFAR grant to CDC.

Celebrating Life is a 3 pax 10 steps Module used to train college students and youth through Red Ribbon Clubs to lead a healthy and enjoyable adult life. It bridges the information gap in youth about managing adolescence, HIV basics, gender and sexuality, sexual reproductive rights, valuing self, life skills, and addressing stigma related to HIV.

Presently colleges in Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and other parts of India are using the Celebrating Life Modules for the Red Ribbon Club programs.

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Avahan Program, Futures Group supported INSA-India in training us for the Expanded Advocacy Program. Following this INSA-India took up two programs:

a. Leadership Advocacy and Management for Positive Living ( LAMP)(2005-2007)

With partnership of KNP+, Constella Futures Group, offered 3 day Expanded Advocacy Program training to identified, motivated People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) in 17 district level networks of Karnataka to lead advocacy initiatives in their districts. Follow up visits and workshop drew learning from strategic planning in advocacy building.

b. Specialized Training on Advocacy and other Resources ( STAR) (2007)

Four week trainer and one year capacity building follow up program supported by Constella Futures Group for PLHA to build and lead local advocacy, organize training of trainers programs, restore their own dignity through addressing self-stigma and help network members access entitlements. Intergroup workshops organized once every two years for forum building of those continuing work in the field.

swabhiman1Due to a need for STAR programs, INSA-India continued through adapting it to a two week trainer program developed by INSA India exclusively for PLHA to gain confidence in addressing community health and development, and advocacy issues to lead, train and advocate for a life of dignity and actively achieve the Millennium Development Goals in their communities and networks.



swabhiman2Follow up services for translating learning into practice. Intergroup workshops organized once every two years for forum building of those continuing work in the field.

sanchaya1Shortlisted by World Bank Development Marketplace and supported by National AIDS Control Organization, INSA India understood a project to reduce stigma by training highly motivated PLHA to become Friendly Advisors to their communities to empower youth, persuade religious leaders to de-link sin-sex-HIV and strengthen the hands of NGOs and DAPCUs to lead stigma advocacy.