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protecting_child1INSA-India directly works with 488 children for formation and strengthening of child parliaments and mentors children and staff to claim child’s rights. The program focuses on developing life skills, recognizing and dealing with child abuse, Building resilience and promoting their inclusion in community and government deliberations. Children vulnerable for juvenile crime, dropping out of schools, living with HIV, children of prisoners are the facilitated for the program.


protecting_child2INSA_India directly work with 15 sites to build child protection committees and children parliaments for strengthening child protection in Bangalore city and outside. We build capacity of organizations nationwide to undertake a social audit of their child protection systems, and to begin and strengthen child protection programmes.



protecting_child3INSA_India also train NGOs to strengthen children’s participation for child protection programming. In 2014, 574 boys and 2288 girls were part of child parliaments that actively worked to protect children, ensure clean environments, and were retained in schools. Through this program children have prevented child marriages, juvenile crime, substance abuse and school drop outs, communicable diseases (waterborne).

HIV1INSA India is a partner organization along with KHPT, FHI, Sneha Charitable Trust, NMP+, KNP+, TNP+, of a project supporting organizations’, networks and children living with HIV to develop leadership and claim social protection in 16 districts across 3 states of India. The project targets 32000 children living with and affected by HIV to build systems for their Protection, care, social protection, life skills and resilience.



HIV2INSA-India’s key contribution has been to ensure each organization develops child protection policies, directly build the life skills of adolescents living and affected by HIV, facilitate child parliaments in institutions level, advocate for the participation of children in the programming and inclusion of prevention of child abuse in the SDGs and government protocols.

INSA-India facilitates organizations and enterprises to build gender equality, through sessions on the 2013 Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, Parenting skills, healthy relationships. Further INSA-India is directly facilitating the launch and strengthening of forums for people with sexual and gender diversity in faith based organizations.

Building inclusive workplaces is facilitated for enterprises and NGOs and the government. INSA-India is a member of the Inter-Agency Task team (IATT) of International Labor Organization, Geneva and participates in building inclusive workplaces that promote gender equality irrespective of their sex, gender or HIV status.

INSA-India uses various methods to advocate for the worth of a girl child. Apart from several advocacy methods, INSA-India also along with other organizations organizes a Global Walk to protest against female feticide and infanticide every year in Bangalore.

AEP1Since 2014, INSA-India in partnership with UNFPA, NCERT, SJRI, Pledge Academy and KHPT is strengthening adolescent mental health programs in the Jawahar Navodaya Schools across India through developing the AEP Plus Modules which focus on counseling, mentoring and life skills development of students.



AEP2Since 1993, INSA-India has worked to strengthen Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) policy making and programming of CSOs and profit making enterprises. We develop exciting modules for social work students, nurses, children and youth in general related to SRHR empowerment has led to young people taking the lead in select states of India.

CHDTP1INSA-India is a lead trainer and mentor organization that facilitates key personnel from NGOs and government to hone their skills in public health and development, project proposal writing, implementation and project evaluation since 1982. As part of the mentoring process, INSA-India has paid follow up visits to each participant trained, for onsite facilitation, across India, Nepal and Bangladesh.




Through a one year follow up workshop, participants learn the impacts their project proposals have had and they advance to writing longer term project proposals that are just centered and enhance convergence and community collaborations. Since 1982 over 800 organizations’ and 200 community based organizations’/networks across India have now become lead organizations addressing the health and development challenges of the poor in their region.

INSA India developed and trained trainers and staff of World Vision India from 2007 onwards on life skills for adolescents living with HIV infection. Our follow up services have elicited that adolescents have reported they are more resilient and have decided “not to commit suicide” as a result of the training.

INSA-India offers practical experiential learning skills that help adolescents practice life skills and develop them. The educational life skills development kits are still ordered from us for this program. As a result of the training INSA-India appreciates and knows the value and process of the work done by WVI across India.


Life Skills for Transformation Program Videos


EMPOWERMENT OF WOMENIn each of the programs, the focus on empowering women using collectivization processes, building capacities, poverty alleviation through income generation and savings, prevention of abuse and violence, networking and advocacy building. Eliciting partnership of boys and men is part of INSA-India’s strategy for empowering women. INSA-India core group projects are across all states of India, except J&K, select regions of Nepal and Bangladesh.